At Events Cherished, we believe in all things that last, Quality, Legacy, Heritage, Elegance, and just a touch of Edge. From walking down the Aisle to walking down the runway, from milestones to anniversaries and honeymoons, as a full-service event planning company, we manage over 100 events every year. Our process is simple and our approach is comprehensive. We work with our clients to create personalized ceremony programs, including traditions and customs that are most important to both families. We review vendor contracts, and guide your wedding party. We check rental orders, bustle the dress, and ensure you find time in your day to step away, breathe, and take in the moment.

We are not simply “event planners.” We are architects of celebrations, and our team consists of dreamers and creators to ensure each detail is carefully considered. We are motivated by our craft and inspired by the stories of our amazing clients, and we seek to bring out the message of their love and life in the details of their celebrations. We create cherished love stories, one chapter at a time.