Ultimate Guide to Planning the Perfect Proposal

The Best Wedding Proposal Ideas are not always what you would think they are. Most of the time your significant other is just looking for you to do something special. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot, it just means you have to put some thought into it. Need some help in planning your perfect proposal, we can help

Where to start?

think about what is special to them? What kinds of things do they enjoy doing? Do they like the outdoors or do they prefer a swanky restaurant with candles? This will set your mood and get you on the right track to planning the proposal. Not everyone wants a romantic dinner proposal and not all want a unique outdoor wedding proposal either.

Who will be involved in the planning of our proposal and on the day-of?

The best wedding proposal ideas stem from something organic. In most cases, they have probably been thinking about their wedding proposal since they were little. If you think can, try and get some info from them or a dear friend about the perfect proposal. Don’t be overtly obvious, but try and get some tips that will give you a hint of direction. See if they want a big ordeal with family and friends involved or if they want a small private proposal. Your Proposal Planner can help you come up with ideas based on your love story.

What is a Proposal Planner?

Like a Wedding Planner, a Proposal Planner is your go-to person for all things related to the planning and coordination of your perfect marriage proposal. Our Proposal Planners have experience with a vast array of proposal scenarios and are here to work with you to create a personal, customized and ideal proposal for you and your soon to be fiancé .

Where will the planning for my marriage proposal take place?

Surprises are going to be tough but oh so worth it. In order to assure that your future fiancé is not at all hinted in the direction that her perfect proposal is in the works, your personal Proposal Planner is happy to meet with you, where your soon to be fiancee will not be able to catch-on to the surprise that will take their breath away. We are here to make sure that the planning of your marriage proposal goes as smoothly and is as enjoyable as possible.

How can a Proposal Planner help me with planning the perfect marriage proposal?

As our Proposal Planners have personal and professional experiences in this field, we are able to provide knowledge, assistance and advice for your proposal planning needs. We offer assistance with creating a day-of itinerary assuring that nothing will be missed leading up to when you ask the love of your life to be yours forever. Our Proposal Planners are more than happy to assist on the day-of your proposal both in the setup as well as in regards to any coordination needed with outside vendors and any family or friends involved. Don’t worry though, we will be sure to be discreet.

Will my future fiance know that I received help and advice from a Proposal Planner?

Though it is becoming common and customary to have outside assistance with the planning of your proposal, many clients find that they would prefer their fiancée not be made aware of any outside assistance with their particular proposal. With that said, our team assures that your secret will be safe with us.

When should I contact a planner to start planning my proposal?

Immediately! If you know that you are ready to propose and are eager to begin planning the proposal of both your dreams, contact us today to setup a complimentary consultation to begin discussing how our team can assist you in giving her a proposal unmatched by any other and remembered for a lifetime! You may also setup an initial consultation within minutes by visiting our website: www.eventscherished.com

All kinds of little things can make a wedding proposal extra special and remember, the best wedding proposal ideas are whatever you end up doing, whatever you do as long as you put a ring on it will be perfect!!!

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