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Wedding Weekend Welcome Bags

October 13, 2016



 by the Santa Barbara Company



Must haves:

  1. Packaging: a box, tote bag, or a wine crate

  2. Paperwork: details/schedule of events, dress code, things to do, should also include a thoughtful note from the couple.





  1. Water: 2 bottles: 1 Pellegrino + 1 Voss, or 2 generic brand plastic bottles (2 total)

    Ex. One large Pellegrino and one large Voss or other imported flat water is perfect

  2. Sweet: 1 set of either - Chocolate or packaged candy

    one king size bag of M&Ms, king size snickers, king size Reeses peanut butter cups, one bag of sour patch kids

  3. Salty: 1 bag of either - Chips, popcorn, mixed nuts one

    can of Pringles Sour Cream and Onion, one can of almonds flavored either smokehouse, wasabi etc are fine, a bag of cheez-its

  4. Libation: 1 bottle of either - whiskey, Wine, micro- brew from local brewery, sparkling cider etc.

    ex. small bottles of wine one red (Cab) and one white (chard) twist off for easy access

  5. Fresh Fruit: 1 or 2 pieces of - oranges or apples

    a couple green apples and a couple orange cuties

  6. Hangover relief: a couple of advil, tin of altoids, gum

    extra strength advil, pack of trident gum, and a can of altoids


Add a personal touch with Personalized labels, Engravings, Personalized individual treat bags, map of the town, postcards, Sunglasses for a summer or outdoor wedding, Scarves for a fall or winter wedding, Do Not Disturb Hangers, Stain remover pens/Wipes Possibilities are endless.








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